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Who is The Archer?

I've been the Archer

I've been the Prey

Who could ever leave me darling?

But who could stay?

-Taylor Swift

On the Album Lover Taylor Swift's track 5 is called The Archer. Track 5 on every Taylor Swift album is her most vulnerable piece and here she explains how her innate nature as a Sagittarius, (a Sagittarius is represented in the Zodiac by an Archer) gets in her way in relationships. She's a hunter on the prowl, a female Cupid with her arrows, fiercely in control. She's also on the run and totally vulnerable. She hasn't figured out how to match those two sides. She's worried she never will.

Saggitarians are born from November 23-December 21. According to Astro Poets in W Magazine: "It’s a bit astrologically cliché to say, but Sagittarians are about as anti-commitment as they come. They hold the ideal of free self-expression above almost all else, and they are known for not wanting to get tied down by too many things, if they can help it. I’m sure the Sagittarians you've dated have loved being with you, but it was in fact this joy that made them look for the quickest exit. They detest the idea of being trapped, and sometimes, too much of a good thing makes them feel this way. They're also brutally honest, so as soon as they feel the need to make their exit, they aren’t going to waste anyone’s time pretending or say more than necessary."(see more on that here.)

Throughout my dating life, as an out-and-proud Sag, I've fought between these two beings. I've been the Archer, shooting down others in the name of honesty and retaining my precious freedom. I've also been the prey, trapped by loneliness and feeling as if I live a life that is being pursued by dark forces that will one day catch up to me. 

The one constant that both the Archer and the Prey give me is an endless opportunity for humor. There's a lot that goes on in dating, especially in the dating world I inhabit: the so-called Yeshivish sect of Orthodox Judaism. After racking up years of stories and insights, it's time to put fingers to keys to see what I can make of all of them. I'm hoping to learn a little along the way too, and maybe even to be a kinder Archer and a bolder Prey. 

I can't tell you what kind of journey it's going to be, but I can promise wit, good GIF choices, and every single emotion on the spectrum. With that in the offing, why not keep reading? 

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