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What Did I Miss?

The last time I wrote on here was February 4th, two entire months ago. Since then a lot has happened. I've spent extended amounts of time in 5 different states and 500 different states of mind. The best part of my little hiatus was that during most of that time I was too busy with work (I switch jobs! I'm a grownup!) and extracurriculars (I wrote and directed a high school girls' play. What do you do when you're bored?) to go on any dates and that was LOVELY. After too many years of dating and only taking imaginary breaks it was nice to have a break that was enforced by something tangible like geography.

An imaginary break is when you go on a break so that you'll get married. We've all heard the stories of the burnt out girls who go on a break only to bump into their husband in Cabo or Cancun. There's also the classic tale of declaring yourself done with dating only to look across the Shabbos table (where you are a guest) and finally see all the answers.

I've taken lots of imaginary breaks. I tell the Shadchans how very busy I am and wait for kismet to happen.

So far, no good.

And it means that even when I'm "on a break" I'm never really on a break. So, living in a far off state for 2 months was a fabulous rejuvenation. And no, I didn't meet my husband across the table or at the local pizza shop but I also didn't think too hard about Shidduchim.

Which was good because looking for a new job is stressful and winter is always hard for me.

I did live a dream I've dreamed forever but never thought would happen: writing and directing a play. This is even crazier if you've met me and know that I cannot sing nor dance to save my life.

But, I did think a lot about this blog and how I wanted to get back to writing. I even sat down to write a few times, but I quickly got frustrated with my rusting skills and lack of new commentary. I'm even frustrated as I reread this post because it isn't a glittering diamond filled with witty insights as I believe all of my words should be.

But there's still more to say and more to do. I hope some of you are still getting strength from empathizing with my struggles and that others are learning to empathize with something they may never experience.

Plus Taylor Swift needs to be quoted more or she won't appear either.

It's funny, we're both Sags, Archers, who take long breaks only to come back swinging and better than ever.

At least, I hope I can be better than ever. I can only promise that it will be something.

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