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Puberty Time

There is a moment in the life of every girl, boy and blog where it begins to grow at an alarming rate and lose control of its body. Naturally, losing control of one's body, the thing that is literally the machine that carries your eyes and brain around so that you can watch TV is disturbing. This is why those going through puberty often act as if the world is ending in some giant cataclysmic event that only they can see. Because, in some ways it is.

It is time for The Archer, the blog, not The Archer the pseudonym and not High School Musical the Musical the Series, to go through puberty.

Expect to see some changes around here as The Archer, the site, becomes its true adult self.

Speaking of! The Archer is now its own domain and can be found on Google when you have run out of porn! !!!!

As The Archer goes through puberty I am hoping that it discovers what many girls discover during puberty: that more people are looking at it now.

I also hope that you, my dearest reader who has been with me since the beginning or at least since the big siblings article, continue to enjoy the content for which you came here.

Puberty can be rough but I just know that if we all lock ourselves in our room and blast Linkin Park we will all get through it together.

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