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My Blog Babies

My blog babies! I have been neglecting you and for that I apologize deeply and greatly and muchly. You see, blog babies, much has happened and also nothing at all has happened and it has been hard to put fingers to keys in an expressive way that would at all resemble content.

One of the definitions of crazy is repeating the same action over and over while expecting a different outcome. That was why I decided to step back from going on singles events and writing carefully crafted missives to shadchans. It wasn't moving me forward, and it made me feel sad to exist and who wants that energy in their lives?

So I skipped the dinner in Brooklyn where I could potentially have met four shadchans that I already know and then have them ignore my calls. I skipped the event in the Five Towns this past weekend where couples built legos together. It was to practice building a bayis ne'eman b'yisrael. For me, I would have been seeing how to make the Lego man's torso seem the most tortured and/or sexually deviant. So, I stayed away.

I wish I could say I was filling the time with dates with actual prospects. Instead, I continue to get the same 6 resumes of guys I already know. A shadchan who promised to only send me profiles she thought were a very good idea and not to take shots in the dark sent me a 34 year old chassidish man with Asbergers. She thought of me because he wears a blue shirt and a dark brown belt-a combo that screams chilled but serious. My brother won for the best line-"Maybe the long beard and longer peyos are because it's sefira?"

So instead, I try to fill my life with things that make me happy. I go outside in flip flops in 55 degree weather because I think I can convince the universe to make it summer. I have listened to Fearless (Taylor's Version) about 1000 times and can tell you every nuance of difference (and will follow up with an article.) I have read 74 books so far this year.

At the beginning of Corona I realized that there would come a time-now-when we would suffer from the effects of the production shut downs in all creative departments last spring. Suddenly, I have no TV to watch and the movies coming out are the same movies that have been trying to come out since January 2020. By the time we see Black Widow, we'll be on Avengers phase 29 and no one will know who Black Widow is.

I got half of my vaccine and hope to find its other half soon. The problem with the euphoria of being vaccinated is that the world doesn't suddenly change. Everything is moving slowly and that's hard for me.

But, my dearest blog babies, I will try to neglect you a little less and show you a little more. Though everything feels endless right now (except the weekends) there will be a future full of things to comment on and plenty of boys and shadchans to make fun of.

Plus I have commentary on Prince Phillip's levaiya. LET'S GO.

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