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It Gets Better (Not Life. The Irony.)

In my last post I discussed how now that women don't really need men for external things anymore, many men are finding themselves partnerless. Now, plenty of women are insane enough to still want men. We just ask that they have emotional maturity and self awareness. That's it. Not too hard. So of course instead of going to therapy like every single woman in America, these men write think pieces on how women are too picky and selective and when they get really bored they shoot up a movie theater or elementary school. The article even suggests that men go to therapy to work on themselves. Based on the evidence of the 55+ guys I have dated, this is completely impossible. Therapy requires you talking about something other than politics, how you hacked credit card points, the stock market, and fantasy sports.

G-D bless my fellow sad interneters because they too read this article and did not disappoint. From (pandas are bored because they forgot how to have sex. For more information please search for my post Panda Sex.) here are some of my favorite Tik Tok reactions to this article.

From LegionofDoon

Another TikToker says that “This change is not only good for women, but long-term, it’s good for men as well. Men will now be able to learn to connect on a deeper level, tap into their masculine energy and build healthier and meaningful relationships with not only women but the people around them.”

Which is awesome! Except that Judaism tends to be behind trends by about 20 years. So, if the goyim are discovering this now, they still have about 20 years to improve the guys which means in Judaism time it's going to be 40 years until Jewish guys have figured this out. By then, Kosher restaurants are going to be everything made from Impossible Burgers. You want pizza? It's Impossible Burger crust. Sushi? Impossible Burger fish. This way every restaurant can be pizza-fries-sushi-burgers-steak-salads-wings.

Of course, men also read this article and responded the best way they know how: by sending hate mail to the man who wrote it. I would say that men should discuss this with their therapists but they don't have one.

Men also argued that women are too picky which is what every single person who has spoken to me in the last five years has said some form of. But go to a Shabbos table in Washington Heights. You'll meet women who are doctors, accountants, lawyers. They all go to therapy to improve themselves and they spend a ridiculous amount of money to have a healthy and beautiful body. They have hobbies and interests and aren't part of an insane right wing cult. The men are "figuring things out" or "joining my father's company" or "starting a business to help dogs see better" and they have no hobbies other than video games and wouldn't go near any form of self improvement with a ten foot pole. Their clothes don't fit correctly or are stained.


I've reached an age where there are more men than women at the singles events that I attend. The good guys got snatched up quickly before they turned 25 and the ones with capacity for self improvement were married by 30. The girls have either turned to alternative ways of dating or have given up. Now we have men from 25ish-40 shocked that they can't get a date anymore.

I was little once and I said yes to a lot. I'm not little anymore and I know that I'm worth it for a guy to put on a clean shirt and plan a date or even spend money. I'm worth far more than that actually, but I'll take the small investments until the risk pays off.

And where I struggle, I work. I seek the help of others and I read and research how to improve myself and to make myself better, that's what I'm here for after all.

I'm thinking I should start my dates by handing men a printout of this article (not my phone cus then he'll see the texts coming through like "did he rape you?") and see what they have to say. If I get a "well that's because girls are looking for a perfect guy" I'm out.

And yes, we women could stand to give people more of a chance. We could try and unpeel the layers to find that this ogre is actually Shrek and deep down he has feelings.

But don't believe you can change a person's essence. Or their religious level for that matter. Vaginas are not rehab where you go in broken and come out on the path to healing. Vaginas are not outreach nonprofits. They are just the slides that open to allow the passengers to exit the plane. In this case, the passenger is a baby.

And my fellow frum ladies: we aren't alone. Everyone sees that the men are...not worth it when you can make it on your own.

But it still hurts to want.

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